Who Are We?
Founded by writers Kurt McClung and Simon Mackenzie to offer complete story solutions for ambitious entertainment in various media: from video games to comic books, theater and screen, novels to song writing.
What Can We Do For You?
Original and adapted Stories & Scripts -

◊ Concept: Pitch & Summary ◊ Pre-Production: Storytelling Tools, Style & Scope ◊ Production: Scripts and In-game Texts ◊ Post-Production: Voices, Music & Sounds ◊ Marketing Content ◊ Songwriting ◊ Editing, proofreading and consultation ◊ Localization
What Have We Done?
We are specialized in the telling of your story from the inception of the project to its exciting end: Pitch, Scripts, Casting, Studio and we can even help with Kickstarter and marketing campaigns! We integrate ourselves with your team and studio, working alongside you from the day we’re brought in to make your project shine.
Past Projects
What's In The Pipeline?
◊ Might & Magic Heroes 7 from Ubisoft has been unveiled. We're sure you're going to love this fantastic new entry in the much loved franchise.

Might & Magic Heroes VII Announcement Trailer

◊ We've also been back and forth to China this year. What does this mean? Well, we're in the early stages of helping develop a project for the small and big screen! More 2015!.
About Us
Wherever you are we bring quality story and production services to your interactive entertainment projects. Kurt is based in France, while Simon splits his time between the USA and Europe. We work with studios, producers, writers and graphic artists the world over.