Publisher: Focus Interactive
Platforms: Playstation 4 / XBOX One / PC
Release Date: TBD 2018
Contributions: Narrative Design, World Building, Character Bios


We came on board this project initially to assist in structuring a multi-layered storytelling process, breaking narrative elements down into four parts - cinematic, environmental, gameplay and progression storytelling. We also helped Passtech find a name for the game in a series of branding brainstorming sessions with a combined team from Focus Home Interactive including the producers, Laurent and Aurelien who had introduced us to Passtech.



The Lead Game Designer on the game and our Lead Writer spent about a month developing terminology and filling up a lexicon of creatures, objects, spells, faction lore and locations. They decided to call the wizards in the world Shapers, because their power was to craft guardians from the elements to protect the world of Spark. They came up together with the idea of splitting one of the main protagonists into several parts that had to be collected.



The story was written to fit the game level progression in a three month back and forth. We assisted in the casting selections organized by Focus and OMUK. Over forty actors were auditioned for six roles. The game was recorded at OMUK studio in London with a professional and cheerful voice team and six British actors. We decided to use a Northern accent for the main characters, not only because it was original but because it seemed to fit best the tone of the game – simple and courageous country wizards tasked with saving the world from a magical catastrophe.



Final game texts were written and incorporated and we are still working on it to polish and deliver for a launch beginning of 2018. We have high hopes for Masters of Anima that we absolutely adore.